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Kristina has been perfecting her intuitive massage skills since 2009 when she began offering Thai massage. Certified in myofascial release, Trager I, cupping. trained and experienced in prenatal, hot stones, deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point and acupressure. Kristina utilizes many of these modalities to work in harmony with your body's needs. Kristina's ability to blend many modalities into one massage session results in a very unique, relaxing and therapeutic massage you will want over and over. 


Kristina creates a peaceful environment to soothe a frazzled mind. Music of your choice, essential oils with a scalp massage if desired, hot stones on trouble spots, hot towels, a foot massage with peppermint cream, integrated stretches throughout the massage and a cozy plush table are just the basics of your experience. Relax, unwind & get specific help with sore, tight muscles. Each massage is lovingly and intuitively given for your body's needs or your specific requests. 



60 minutes   $85

75 minutes   $100

90 minutes   $115

120 minutes $135

Sound + Energy Massage

120 minutes $150

(See description below*)


Chakra Tuning Forks $25

​Harp Sound Healing $25

Reiki Energy Healing $20

Deep tissue an additional $20​



$150- 2 hours

Enjoy guided Yoga Nidra (nidra means sleep in sanskrit) meditation at the beginning of the massage while inhaling high quality essential oils to fully enjoy the benefits of letting go in the body and mind. Release, relax and ground deeply while healing massage and sound vibrations move stuck energy within the body and align the chakras creating peace and harmony in body and mind.  90 minutes of blissful intuitive therapeutic massage with hot stones followed by Chakra balancing/energy healing to complete the most relaxing and healing massage of your life. Sound healing is utilized, involving the use of any combination of drumming, singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, love frequency toning at 528mhz and any other instruments acquired. Crystals may also be used during the session. 

For more information about Chakra Balancing visit my visit my Chakra Balancing page here.

Payment Options are currently CASH ONLY. If this is an issue please let me know. Thank you for your understanding.

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