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Soul Care + Self Care = Self LOVE

Soul Care Group classes 

This is not a yoga class. Also known as Integrated Sound Healing and developed by WAH!. Learn simple self care techniques combined with sound healing. Classes are available for private sessions or groups with Kristina Long. 

A 60-75 minute class using sound healing techniques to help you rest your nervous system, boost your health and immunity and to awaken compassionate relationship.

Class begins with simple soothing exercises like tapping (EFT, emotion freedom technique), self massage, breathing and humming to prepare you for a 20 minute harp sound healing relaxation followed by a brief meditation with a partner (optional).

What To Expect:

Learn a variety of self care techniques including but limited to;




Self Massage


Guided Meditation and Harp Sound Healing

Learn to reduce stress and depression, feel better in your body, heal and develop compassion and love for yourself and others. Relax, rest and feel better!

A word about self care and self love.

Why is this important? 

As a massage therapist for 10 years I've seen the importance of stopping in this busy world to take care of ourselves, myself included. With stress being the #1 killer in America it's no surprise that we could all use a little TLC in our daily lives.

We are a society focused on fast cures, artificial ingredients, high speed internet, convenience foods and pollution. We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields from technology that have a negative effect on our nervous system. Daily self care can reduce the effects of the stress our body encounters from day to day, helping to heal you, bringing love and compassion to yourself and others=LOVE. 

Simple changes in our daily lives can create a massive impact in our quality of life. 

Let me help you find peace and freedom from the stress of daily life. Take time to love yourself and reap the rewards of self care. 

Please contact Kristina for scheduling a one time workshop or  temporary class (while I’m in your area) at your rehab, nursing home, business, gym, wellness or yoga studio. 

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