Self Discovery In Action

Once upon a time I was a sad and confused girl. I was lost in a world of drugs and drinking looking for my purpose in life. After getting sober from alcohol in 2007 I have been actively designing and changing my entire life. Instead of dreading my days I am excited to wake up.  

Maybe You Can Relate?

Feeling stuck? Life just doesn't seem to get better? Stressed? Hate your job? Maybe you don't know where to begin to make your dreams reality.  Are you unsure of your purpose in life? Do you have chronic pain and can't find the cause? Are you unhealthy? Do you want to feel better and have a balanced healthy lifestyle? I struggled for years to find a way out of my own personal challenges with these very issues.

My name is Kristina Long. My biggest passions in life are helping others, traveling, being outside in nature and spending time with family and friends. I've been creating a life based off of my passions and dreams for well over a decade. I am no longer a victim.  

Setting goals, letting go of outcomes, going with the flow, eating healthy, living holistically, connecting with nature, self care and being grateful are in my opinion, the secrets to a life of happiness.

With a combination of my life history (overcoming many obstacles), personal interests and passions, living a life of purpose, coloring outside of the lines and following my heart before all else, I've been growing and changing on a personal level for over the past decade. My desire is to help others with the tools that have been life changing in my world.

I have been learning to hear the intuitive promptings of my guides and connection to Spirit as a yoga instructor and massage therapist since 2009. Honing my intuitive skills has opened doors to other ways of helping others. Utilizing my certifications and personal studies in the areas of self care techniques, yogic life coaching, sound healing, yoga and energy work are just a few of the ways I can offer assistance on your path. 

A Soul Care session can be as basic as learning simple tried and true skills to de-stress and easy ways to cope with life. One example is learning simple ways of breathing to ease anxiety. Also learning to meditate can bring peace to a frazzled mind with practice. Help with designing a fitness routine and learning healthy ways of eating can bring healing to your body and balance to your life. 

 We can move deeper if you wish and explore your core beliefs, learn what's most important to you and what obstacles may be impeding your path or causing you unnecessary stress. We can talk about mindfulness and eating foods that can have a negative or positive impact on your health. 

Sometimes simple changes can make a massive impact on the quality of life.

Sessions are intuitively and personally designed specifically for you and your specific wants and needs. Each session may differ from the last. A session may include guided meditation, suggested yoga sequences or poses, exercises or a simple and easy fitness program, help with self care to learn how to relax to help heal yourself on your journey to wellness, both physically and mentally. You may request help with specific things. You may allow an intuitive approach to guide us in our efforts to reach your specific goals.  

Self care is the basis of self love. Without self love we can not effectively change anything.

Please understand, I can not heal you. I can not prescribe medication, treat or diagnose health issues. I am not a nutritionist. I am here to facilitate healing on your journey. I am here to hold a sacred space for you to explore negative patterns, to allow you to let go of anything not serving you, to give you the tools, to change your life and encourage you on your path. You are responsible for being open to new ways of being and taking the daily steps of loving yourself so that you can create change in your life. 

I believe we are all here to connect with one another, to love each other and help each other. Through the process of following our individual passions we can connect with others in a meaningful way. 

"The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves."

Bob Proctor

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Self Care, Self Discovery & Self Love



Signature Soul Care Package

A complementary 20 minute "Are we a good fit chat?" and 3 one hour sessions are included for  


2020 Spring Special

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*Additional sessions after package sessions are complete are $125 each.  

Single Soul Care Session

1 hour session 


Soul Care sessions can be done remotely through most any media outlet.

Due to my traveling lifestyle I might be in your town! Please inquire if you'd like to meet in person providing I'm in your area.  



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