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Are you searching for peace and healing?

Relaxxxx, you've come to the right place. 


Hi lovely, my name is Kristina Long.  More than anything I wish to help people. I have overcome many obstacles in my mind, body and heart. Read on for more information on ways I can be of service to you on your path. Underlined Highlighted links throughout this page will take you to each page on my site for more information for each service I offer.  


For something completely different check out my print shop here, showcasing my nature and travel photography. I have been living nomadically for 7 years looking for my home, taking pictures the entire time. I'm excited to share parts of my journey with you. 


My unique prints come in 3 sizes (8x12, 12x18 or 16x24) with select prints available on a square (4X4, 5X5 or 8X8) swanky floating metal frame. 

Back to how you can learn to heal yourself through my services. 


Healing can occur through passively receiving a relaxing and intuitive heart centered Reiki Tummo Energy session, resetting your system with Chakra/Energy Balancing or allowing the beautiful vibrations of sound to move through your body with a special

Harp Sound Healing session. Learn to meditate, connect with your body and breath through personalized meditation or  yoga sessions.

Are you struggling with mobility issues or chronic pain? I am a certified flexoligist. I will stretch you and help you have freedom of movement. I can educate you on how to safely stretch yourself effectively. 

All offerings are available as a stand alone or you may combine multiple services to increase the impact of your healing experience.

Meditation Hikes are a great way to learn mindfulness, easy meditation techniques and to connect with the present moment, yourself and nature. Meditation may also be learned indoors or over a zoom session without hiking. 

Personalized retreats are a wonderful way to heal, ground, center and reset in nature at your home or vacation rental for any amount of time you book.


Individual healing sessions may be done remotely anywhere in the world. Groups and events welcome! 

Sign up below for my blog to receive updates and tips on living your best life. For more information about me and where I'm coming from in the world  please click here.

Much peace and love to you on your healing journey,

Kristina Long

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