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Adulting, Taxes and Credit Scores, Lessons in the Real World

When I was 12 years old I was really into roller skating. It was 1982 by then and roller skating had been a massive part of my life growing up. Every weekend you could find me at the Raleigh Skateland in Bartlett, TN, where I lived until I was 23 years old. I had white leather high top, lace up roller skates with the best pink pom, poms, matching pink laces and wheels. I was getting older and well, I decided I MUST have some really cool low top speed skates with neon green zi

My Pursuit to Happiness

Sometimes people tell me I'm living the dream or that I'm courageous. I've been called brave, free spirited and lucky. I don't believe luck has much to do with my life but I don't mind the rest of those terms. When these things were 1st said to me by strangers, friends and family I was confused on some level. Living the dream, I understand. I'm literally living out my dreams. I've been traveling for a year now, it is awesome. Having amazing adventures never bores me, it's all