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Reiki Healing


Peaceful, Loving  & Happy Healing

Reiki TUMMO™ is a term derived from two words: Reiki and TUMMO. Reiki is Japanese for vital energy from the universe and TUMMO is Tibetan for inner fire. TUMMO refers to the Kundalini energy, the hidden power within everyone. It is a coiled form of energy that usually lies dormant at the lower part of the body of every human. Kundalini energy is crucial for cleansing and for advanced spiritual growth. 

Reiki TUMMO™ is an energy channeling technique that deals with both of these energies: the energy from the universe and the Kundalini energy. The energy from the universe is effective for healing and improving your health.  Kundalini energy is indispensable for cleansing your energy body. ~ taken from the padmacahaya, Reiki TUMMO website.

Reiki TUMMO is heart centered work that feels like a warm hug. It is healing, loving and a gift to be a part of everyday. Amazing healing can occur when we tap into the energy of our heart.


Please consider Reiki TUMMO energy healing to feel profound peace and healing for whatever ails you within your body or mind.  


60 Minute

Online Session


In Person Session

includes crystals and essential oils 


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