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Happy Clients

At 62 years old I have accumulated a lifetime of injuries.  Sports injuries at the top of list, then a lifetime in the construction industry and the trucking industry.  All this activity left me with pain issues, so I decided to try massage therapy.  I'm happy to say that thanks to Kristina Long, my pain has subsided!  And I had thought I would be in pain for the rest of my days, but Kristina has somehow, miraculously released the pain with her massage techniques.  I've decided on a regular maintenance schedule, and I'm feeling great!  Thank you Kristina, I'm feeling awesome, and highly recommend your services to  those that have pain issues.

Joe Grady

OMG Kristina, the swelling in my foot is noticeably decreased because of your massage work! It is the smallest it’s been since the injury and the closest it’s looked to my right foot since I fell. This is amazing, MIRACULOUS! I can’t stress this enough. My swollen sausage toes look normal for the first time in 7 months. My doctors said the swelling could last a year, but I woke up this morning and couldn’t believe how “normal” my foot looks. I’d say the swelling is down by as much as 80%. Your work increased the circulation and released so much trapped energy. I would have paid almost any amount if I had known this was possible through massage. Worth every penny. Thank you, thank you, thank you  

Lawrence Simmons

I can't thank you enough for that massage, I felt amazing all week and haven't felt this good in a long time. You're the best!

Tommy Little

Kristina was sensitive to my needs and is a very skillful massage therapist. I enjoyed my session with her and recommend her.

Leslie Oster

I have taken both private and group yoga classes and have gotten massages from Kristina. I feel like she brings warm and healing energy to everything she does!! I found her yoga classes to be challenging, nurturing and inspiring. I am a novice and still felt very welcome and supported in classes. As for her massages she is, hands down, the most therapeutic and stress relieving massage therapist I have ever worked with!! Yoga? Massage? Either or both....what a treat!!!

Staci Rivas

Kristina is an amazing teacher! She has earned the "yogi status" because yoga took away her pain and now she lives it. That is the best teacher you can have. Her sequences are imaginative and keep you from getting bored. Her joy from yoga is contagious!!! She gives and shares and inspires...on and off the mat.

Tracey Hilldabrant Perry

I've never run to anyone quite as motivating and inspirational as Kristina Long!!!

Amanda Solon

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