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Center, ground yourself and ease the fluctuations of your mind.


Many of the most accomplished and influential people in the world site meditation as one of the main ingredients to their success.


"I'm not good at meditation."

"I can't stop my mind."

"I'm so distracted."

"I don't have time."

"My thoughts don't ever stop."

"I can't sit still."

"My brain is too busy."

"I can't cross my legs or sit in lotus."

These are just some of the responses I've heard over the years as I encourage people to meditate. 

Truths about Meditation

  • Meditation is not about



    any of your thoughts rather learning to



    the never ending stream of thoughts that naturally flow through a healthy brain all day and night. It's ok and natural to have thoughts (I have ADHD!). Your brain is a thinking, problem solving machine, for real. 



  • Meditation can be done anywhere,  at anytime, for any length of time you decide, seated, standing or laying down. 



  • Meditation, over time and with consistent practice, helps calm the monkey mind we are all accustomed to in this busy world. 



  • Meditation can help a person accept themselves right where they're at in the world with love and compassion, as a result, fostering healthy self esteem.



  • Meditation gives you a place to practice letting go of expectations, staying present and going with the flow. These practices will naturally begin to become a part of your daily life. The outer world reflects the inner world.



  • Meditation can pierce through the darkest of souls bringing clarity, love, healing and peace to stressed out, lost and sad individuals. 



  • Meditation can be done in a variety of ways to suit each person looking to learn how to cope in today's overwhelming world. 



  • Meditation can be life changing, the effects on the nervous system alone being accumulative over time. With a daily practice, meditation can bring about profound states of peace and bliss in oneself. 



  • Meditation is for everyone no matter what your circumstance, race or religion. 



  • Meditation is simple!



Meditation Session Pricing

In a meditation session we will discuss different styles of meditation and practice the styles discussed. A guided meditation will also be offered.

3/60 minute sessions


Single 60 minute session


Please contact me for more information if located outside of the USA.

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