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Blurry Blue


with Kristina Long

"The sweet harmony of music not only affords us pleasures, but renders us important services.  It greatly cheers the drooping spirit, clears the face from clouds, smooths the wrinkled brow, checks moroseness, promotes hilarity; of all the most pleasant things in the world, nothing more delights and enlivens the human heart."  ~ Giraldus Cambrensis

What Is Sound Healing? 

Sound is a vibration, and as we already know all of life exists at its core as vibrating atoms.  We can be influenced on a cellular level by the vibrations transmitted.  Some instruments can help us to move from what are known as “Beta Brain Wave Patterns”, or those associated with concentration, anxiety and flight or fight reflexes, to calmer frequencies known as “Alpha”, “Theta” and even “Delta” brain waves.  These brain waves are associated with relaxation (Alpha), meditation (Theta) and trance-like states (Delta).

Studies have shown a decrease in cancer cells by just practicing vocal toning exercises, ie: singing scales. Sound can levitate liquid plastic so it only makes sense that sound can move the blockages within the body. 


How Can Sound Healing Help You?

Lowers stress and anxiety

Balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain

Induces deep states of relaxation

Can induce a meditative state

Improves sleep

Can help recovery from trauma or surgery

Helps one to cope with PTSD

Improves and stimulates circulation

Releases negative energy and emotions trapped in the body resulting in less pain

Soothing and peaceful

Can help clear blockages in thinking and give renewed energy

Can ease the departure from this world in hospice 

Help with recovering from or coping with cancer

 Kristina will intuitively utilize healing methods of sound therapy to create a healing session unique to your needs. Tuning forks, singing bowls, a shamanic drum and variety of healing sound therapy may be used in each session. 


Relax and allow sound to vibrate through you, let go of stuck energy, stuck emotions and negativity. Sound healing is powerful and beautiful to the senses. Allow peace and healing at a cellular level to travel through your body and open your heart to the possibilities in your life. 

Sound Healing Rates​

​Add on to any service offered 



50 minute session


with intuitively guided meditation, scalp, hand and foot massage  ​


Click the "Let's Connect" button below to contact Kristina for an appointment.

Please contact me directly for more information if you are outside of the USA.

You may add Sound Healing to any private or group yoga session taught by Kristina Long or anyone else. Kristina is happy to bring sound healing to accompany most any event or place you desire. You may consider including sound healing with chakra balancing/energy work. Please contact Kristina for more information. ​

If you'd like to read about the science of sound healing and studies done on this healing modality click the "learn more" button below.

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