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Yoga for everyBODY

Practising Yoga by the Sea

Private Yoga Session

There are many reasons you might seek out a private yoga session. I personally benefited from a private yoga session years ago after throwing my back out. I can work with your particular issues and help you learn to heal your body. Choose from massage, Reiki Energy Healing, learn to meditate, learn body awareness, yoga posture alignment or stretches and better posture habits as well as get help with chronic pain. Don't resign yourself to being in pain forever. I can help if you're willing to explore.


 A personalized yoga session can teach you the basics of yoga or put you at ease in trying something new you are interested in or to see if you'll like the practice. Are you pregnant and interested in making your journey into mommahood easier? It could be you enjoy the accountability or personal attention you receive in a one on one session. Sometimes people just want help with a particular yoga pose. Many people choose a private session to help learn how to release tightness in a particular muscle or area of the body. Many choose to deepen their spiritual path through the practice of yoga.


Whatever the reason, with over a decade of experience, I can help.

Each session is individually designed specifically for your wants and needs. All levels welcome to learn and grow with me. Skilled in modifications for all types of issues, hands on adjustments given if desired.

Personalized one on one yoga sessions are $75 an hour 


For a couple $100

Add energy or sound healing to your yoga session for $30

please contact me directly for information outside of the USA

Pilates Stretches


Fun With a Group

Group yoga could be vinyasa that's slow and sweaty, relaxing deep stretch, prenatal, hatha, seniors, bachelorette party, birthday fun, your own personal group retreat or any other reason to bring a group of people together! Yoga on the beach or any other location is available for you. Modifications are always provided for a safe practice as well as hands on adjustments (if desired). 

One hour of group instruction is at a base rate of $75 for up to 3 people and an additional $10 a person after 3 people. Add Harp Sound Healing for $10.

Due to my traveling lifestyle I might be in your town! I roll through Kansas City, MO & San Diego, CA a couple times a year and any other place I happen to be exploring. Please inquire. 

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