My name is Kristina Long, once upon a time I was a very sad and unhappy girl. In 2007 I began the practice of yoga. Looking for peace in my sobriety after a crazy 7 year relapse of drinking and drugs, I had no idea how the practice of letting go on my yoga mat would change the entire course of my life. 

If you stay open to changes when setting goals your life will unfold in the best ways you could have never planned.

Becoming a personal trainer and yoga instructor lead me to a Thai massage certification which lead me to a massage therapist license.  My own life changing experiences, love for people & passion to help others has brought me to health coaching and most recently the study of Reiki Tummo (heart centered energy) and energy healing.

My life continues to evolve.

Everything I bring to the table to help others has been something that has impacted me in a personal way. Sound healing is part of my journey. Harp sound healing is something I am very excited to share with the masses.

As I flow with life's changes I find myself moving out of my massage career, for at least a period of time, to allow my body to heal and my passion for travel to become more sustainable. As a result, I am currently not offering massage in 2020, as I am allowing space for my other passions to take full center in my vision to facilitate healing for others.  

I have a license in massage therapy. I am certified in Reiki Tummo at Level 3A, energy healing, yoga instruction, yoga/health coaching and sound healing, as well as a self proclaimed Soul Care Facilitator.

I'm here to facilitate healing and support on your journey in life. Check out my offerings and contact me for more information.

Maybe you're interested in knowing more about me, where I'm at in my travels or want to learn about ways you can take better care of yourself and the environment, please join me on all the social media's I'm apart of on the world wide web.  Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, &  YouTube

Peace and love to you,

Kristina Long



Help with Tight Hips


"A good travler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving."

Lao Tzu


A Personal Account

Not for the faint of heart. This channel is personal, real and honest. It is a work in progress much like myself. I am pushing through on this project as I feel called to share my story, inspiration and current journey in hopes of encouraging others. Please check out Yoga Hippie for more videos.  




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