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Individuals, Couples and Small Group Retreats Designed By You  & Brought to You.

Reset at your home, vacation destination or special outing location. Have fun designing your own personalized retreat or allow me to design it for you. 

Recharging with options including





harp sound healing

chakra balancing

reiki tummo

health coaching


lymphatic drainage

vegan meals

soul care/self help sessions

A combination of any or all of these services are at your fingertips and is only limited by your imagination. Set the time of day you'd like to begin and end and everything in between. One day, a weekend, a week or even longer are all available at your desired location. 

More information on each service offered is provided through my website. I'm always available to answer any and all questions via phone or email

If preferred, I am happy to intuitively design your personalized retreat for you. 

Contact Kristina for more information. A phone call will be the 1st step. Also a  questionnaire may be emailed to you to fine tune your interests. Rates vary based on location of retreat and services selected.

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