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I Have Some Exciting News To Share With You!

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

These are a few of the prints I've sold from my new printshop!

Guess what?? Chicken butt. Haha just kidding. Takes me back to parenting kids. Never a dull moment!

In all seriousness, I've been working for most of 2023 to be able to share a life long obsession with you. I FINALLY have things up and running. I have started selling nature prints from my travels on my website.

Read on for a brief back story and information about how my unique nature images can hang on your wall! :)

I've been taking pictures since as far back as I can remember. I aquired various point and shoot cameras as a kid on birthdays and Christmas. It became an unofficial habit to take pictures of everything. I loved the entire process. Going to pick up my prints at the drugstore was always so exciting.

Once I saved these little "quality stamps" from the grocery store so I could buy a camera from the "quality store" way back in the early 90's. I was determined to have a zoom feature. I used that little Minolta camera for years. In my mid 20's I saved for 2.5 years to buy a 35mm Cannon Rebel. I decorated my house with my black and white pictures. I never tired of taking pictures of my kids or nature.

I opened a successful professional photography business in 1998-99. I used an "old school" medium format, film camera to take portraits of babies, families and individuals in nature with natural lighting. I specialized in graduating senior class portraits. Some of my work was published in private publications for newsletters and other promotional events I was hired to capture with slide film and my SLR 35 MM camera.

I explored all types of photography and cameras over the years. So much has changed with photography. In the midst of my new business the digital revolution took over film and I found my new digital Cannon Rebel overwhelming to use.

My entire life changed in 2002, I shut my business down and pursued different things. Eventually I bought an iphone. There's a saying in the photography business,

"The best camera to use is the one you have with you."

All of my pictures are taken by me with my iphone, it is always with me! In keeping with my obsession with nature, most images in my shop are of nature. I have been living nomadically since 2016. You may enjoy prints from some of my travels.




South Carolina





I hope you enjoy my printshop! Be sure to tap/click on each image so you can see the entire image instead of just the thumbnail.

My prints are very cool and unique. Here's why...

1) All my original images posted, come printed vibrantly on professional, sturdy, floating style metal frames, ready to hang. They look like glass. I love how they turn out. Very professional and timeless. CLICK HERE  FOR MORE INFO ON FLOATING FRAMES.

2) Original prints are printed in standard rectangle OR square format. ALL images are printed on metal floating frames. See each post for available sizes and formats.

Choose from 3 rectangle sizes

8X12, 12X18 and 16X24.

Choose from 3 square sizes

4X4, 5X5 and 8X8.

You will see select images in square and rectangle sizes offered labeled as "Painted" prints. “Painted” prints are original images put through a painting app, resulting in a fun, artistic version of the original print. Sometimes the print becomes slightly richer or sometimes a soft focus look. I love these so much!

Please check out my "frequently asked questions" page for more information.

Feel free to contact me directly for additional questions or special orders.

US Shipping is $5.99 on orders under $100.

FREE shipping on orders over $100.

For shipping rates outside of the US please contact me directly.

More than anything I am excited to share my passion with you. I hope you enjoy these prints as much as I do. Check back as I will always be adding new images!

Ciao from Panamá!!

I love you!


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