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Courageous or Crazy?

I must confess, I have some compulsions. These compulsions I’m referring to today are all intertwined. I have this need to travel after being grounded in Kansas City, MO, raising 2 awesome kids for 20 years. I want to inspire and help people. I want to give back and I want to be fully self employed again. What a journey I’m on currently. People tell me I’m courageous for traveling on a shoe string budget, for letting go of most of my belongings, for taking off to another coun

How I Became a Free Spirited Gypsy

Ever since I can remember I've dreamed of traveling and living by the ocean. I was introduced to traveling during my childhood but only within the USA. My mom's love of the mountains and US western history shaped just about every vacation I ever had growing up. There were some beach vacations here and there but mostly we ventured out West from Memphis,TN each summer and zig zagged our way to my grandma & grandpa’s house. They lived in Colorado when I was very little and moved

My Pursuit to Happiness

Sometimes people tell me I'm living the dream or that I'm courageous. I've been called brave, free spirited and lucky. I don't believe luck has much to do with my life but I don't mind the rest of those terms. When these things were 1st said to me by strangers, friends and family I was confused on some level. Living the dream, I understand. I'm literally living out my dreams. I've been traveling for a year now, it is awesome. Having amazing adventures never bores me, it's all

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