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Courageous or Crazy?

I must confess, I have some compulsions. These compulsions I’m referring to today are all intertwined. I have this need to travel after being grounded in Kansas City, MO, raising 2 awesome kids for 20 years. I want to inspire and help people. I want to give back and I want to be fully self employed again. What a journey I’m on currently. People tell me I’m courageous for traveling on a shoe string budget, for letting go of most of my belongings, for taking off to another coun

My Pursuit to Happiness

Sometimes people tell me I'm living the dream or that I'm courageous. I've been called brave, free spirited and lucky. I don't believe luck has much to do with my life but I don't mind the rest of those terms. When these things were 1st said to me by strangers, friends and family I was confused on some level. Living the dream, I understand. I'm literally living out my dreams. I've been traveling for a year now, it is awesome. Having amazing adventures never bores me, it's all

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